двойной шариковый винт передачи металлической трубки с чпу для лазерной резки

лазер с чпу

Описание товара

ACCURL Fiber Laser was combinated innovative dual ballscrew with driven nut technology in our company. There are IPG Laser cutting head from Germany, it is the great laser hear in the work with stable working. And there are YASKAWA dring servo in the two sides, the moving speed could run quickly. In other ways, Accurl Fiber Laser machine is a good metal cutting machine. GL Fiber Laser aims at advertisement industry, we have the perfect cutting quality and stable working charateristic. And we support the best after sales customer service, we are stand by 24 hours.

Let me guess what you concerned before sending a inquiry
1. Why do you have to choose our machine?
ACCURL has 11 years in advertisement industry, we always pursuit the quality, precision and customers satisfaction.

2. I know nothing about the machine. How could I choose a suitable machine?
First of all, thanks a lot for learning about our machines.
You are welcome to send us a inquiry with the following key information so that we could provide you most accurate proposal:
1. What's your industry?
2. What kinds of metal you have?
3. What's the thickness and size of your incoming material?
4. Any special request on the cutting?

3. Since sending you an inquiry with the key information I provide, what can I get from you?
You will get:
1. Full proposal for advised machine with price
2. Relevant machine operating videos
3. Free sample test
If special materials, you can send us your materials by express and drawing by email; After sample making, we will send back videos by email and materials by express if necessary to you.
If normal material we have, you can send us your drawing by email then we could do samples with the material or similar materials then send you the videos


Лазерная режущая головкаWSX
Wave Length1070nm
X-dual ballscrew
Servo systemYASKAWA
максимальная скорость30 м / мин
Z clearnce100мм
Smoke exhaust zone2 zones
Система охлажденияIndustial cooling system
Точность позиционирования0.03nm

Базовая информация
Лазерная технология: лазерная резка
Position Precision: 0.03mm
Speed of X,Y Axis: 30m/Min
Speed of Z Aixs: 20m/Min
Гарантия: 1 год
Driver System: Yaskawa Servo
Weight: 2.3t
Controller: Cypcut
Transmission: Ball Screw
Торговая марка: ACCURL
Specification: 2500*1300mm
Происхождение: Аньхой, Китай
Код ТН ВЭД: 8456110090


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